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Refrigeration FAQ—Answering Your Top Commercial Questions

Refrigerators and freezers are essential to keeping your commercial business up and running. The experts at ComfortAire Heating Cooling are here to help. We’re answering all your top questions in our refrigeration FAQ below. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to give us a call at 715-325-3969 in Wisconsin Rapids or 715-342-0911 in Stevens Point.

walk-in freezer

What Kind of Refrigeration Unit Do I Need?

Like most things, it depends on what you need the unit for. Reach-in coolers are usually the most common, perfect for storing food and other perishable items in bars and restaurants. Walk-in coolers are much bigger, ideal for housing bulk supplies at safe temperatures. Or, if you need smaller units, you could opt for undercounter or bar coolers. When in doubt, ask a ComfortAire expert to help you decide.

What Would Cause a Fridge to Stop Cooling?

It could be as simple as the temperature being set lower than normal. Double check the thermostat—and even turn it down a couple degrees to see if it’s getting power. Dirty condenser coils could also be to blame. If that’s the case, find the coils (usually behind a grate on top of or below the unit itself) and remove as much dust and debris as you can.

Is My Unit Energy-Efficient?

Commercial refrigerators use a lot of energy, so it makes sense to wonder if you’re doing everything you can to boost its efficiency. The best way to know is to determine whether your unit has the ENERGY STAR label. Typically, refrigerators that do are about 20 percent more efficient than those that don’t. You can also look into dehumidification filters or interior plastic curtains to help control moisture, keep cool air inside, and decrease your energy usage as a whole.

Do You Offer Refrigeration Maintenance?

Yes! In addition to repairing everything from leaks to loss of cooling power, our experts also provide routine maintenance to help prevent those issues in the first place. This is also another great way to boost your unit’s efficiency.

What Causes a Freezer to Stop Freezing?

Most of the time, the reasons for a freezer not working properly are the same as a non-cooling refrigerator. They include a faulty or incorrect thermostat, dirty or dusty coils, bad door seals, or an air duct that’s out of position. The good news is that no matter the culprit, ComfortAire is here to help.

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