Professional Boiler Installation in Central Wisconsin

There are more ways to heat your Central Wisconsin home than a furnace. For many older homes, boilers are much more common. At ComfortAire Heating Cooling Fireplaces, we understand that, and we’re here to help. If you need a new boiler installation, it’s time to contact our Bryant® experts. Get a feel for our process below, then call us—in either Wisconsin Rapids or Stevens Point.

How a Boiler Differs From a Furnace

Where furnaces force warm air through your home via ductwork, boilers do not. Instead, these systems utilize hot water, producing steam and moving it through pipes within your walls. That heat then radiates outward, warming your home through radiators placed in its rooms.

Major Benefits of a Boiler Installation

More Consistent Heating
Warm air from furnaces quickly rises to the top third of your home, where it cools down. Warm air from a boiler tends to stick around longer—because it comes from evaporated water, the added moisture helps keep temperatures consistent for longer.

lady walking barefoot on her radiant heated flooringNearly Silent Operation
Because a boiler radiates heat rather than blowing air through the house, it makes much less noise than a furnace. In fact, the only way you’ll know it’s running is by how comfortable you feel.

Improved Indoor Air Quality
Without air blowing through vents and around your home, airborne contaminants have a much smaller chance of circulating. That helps reduce the spread of germs and illnesses that can make your family sick.

Increased Energy Efficiency
That consistent heat? It means you’ll stay warmer for longer—reducing the need for you to keep adjusting the thermostat and increasing energy usage.

Other Benefits

  • Little maintenance required
  • Option to set up heat zones
  • Can also be used to heat water for home use

What to Consider With a Home Boiler Installation

The first step in any boiler replacement is a home visit by ComfortAire. Our experts will measure your home, so we know what size system you need. This is important—a unit that’s too small won’t keep your home warm enough and one that’s too big won’t cycle correctly. Both issues can put a strain on your system—and your monthly energy bills.

Once we find the right size, we’ll lay out your system options—including in-floor radiant heating, if applicable. We’ll also walk you through energy efficiency ratings. The more efficient the system, the more it might cost upfront. However, with what you’ll save in monthly energy usage, your unit will pay for itself over time.

Start Your Next Boiler Installation at ComfortAire

Count on our experts to install the best boiler for your needs. Our team also handles repairs when you need them, as well as maintenance—a must to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.

Contact us today to start discussing options and to set up a free estimate.

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