Woman demonstrates air filter replacement importance by showing clean and dirty filters.

When Is the Best Time for Air Filter Replacement?

You know that air filter replacement is essential in ensuring your HVAC systems can function efficiently. But like many household tasks that need to be performed intermittently, it’s easy to forget to take care of them. While there’s no exact time that’s best for air filter replacement, you should follow some general guidelines. ComfortAire Heating Cooling Fireplaces shares some general tips to keep in mind below. Call us with all your indoor air quality concerns at 715-325-3969.

Why Air Filter Replacement Is Important

Your air filter plays a vital role in HVAC operation. It captures a lot of the dust, dirt, and dander circulating through your home’s ductwork and prevents you from breathing them in. This is especially helpful for those who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions.

But over time, those contaminants can clog your filter, preventing air from properly circulating through your HVAC system. This means your unit will need to work harder to force air through your ductwork, which can lead to higher energy bills, increased stress on your system, and poor indoor air quality.

What Affects the Frequency of Air Filter Replacement?

Factors such as your home’s size and air quality where you live can affect how frequently you should plan for air filter replacement. A larger home will have more dust circulating through it, which means the air filter will get dirtier faster. The same applies if air quality is lacking where you live or during certain times of the year when more allergens may be circulating.

How Often Should You Plan for Air Filter Replacement?

It’s recommended that you change your air filter once every three months. However, if someone in your home has allergies or asthma, plan to change it out about every month. These are just guidelines—you should check the air filter manufacturer’s instructions for exact timing.

If you’re unsure when to replace the filter, you can always check to see if it’s dirty. Every home is different, so by doing this, you should be able to gauge if you need to change it more frequently.

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