Father lifts son over head and enjoys improving indoor air quality.

Show Your Home Some Love by Improving Indoor Air Quality

Because the average person spends 90 percent of their time indoors, improving indoor air quality is essential to your family’s health. This month, we explain how you can show your home some love and clean up the air you breathe on a regular basis. From air filters to purifiers, ComfortAire Heating Cooling Fireplaces has the right products and systems to help freshen your indoor air quality every single day. Discover some simple upgrades you can use below, then call us for additional information at 715-325-3969.

Easy Steps for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Change Your Air Filter as Needed

Keep a close eye on your furnace air filter. While it’s recommended you switch it every one to three months, it’s smart to check up on it regularly so you’ll know when it’s time. Dust and dirt become trapped in the filter over time—so by replacing it, you know this debris won’t re-circulate through your home.

Install a Whole-Home Humidifier

Low moisture and colder temperatures can make winter challenging. With drier skin and a higher susceptibility to colds and coughs, low humidity takes a toll during the chillier months. Installing a whole-home humidifier can solve these problems for you—and lead to more comfortable, warmer-feeling air as well.

Add an Air Cleaner or Purifier

An air cleaner or purifier can be just as important in your home as your furnace and air conditioner. Why? They remove airborne pollutants before they return to your ducts and re-circulate. While air cleaners are often confused with air purifiers, they work differently. An air cleaner will trap pollutants, but an air purifier will eliminate them outright. However, both systems can really make a significant difference in improving your indoor air quality and increasing the efficiency of your other home comfort systems.

Open Your Home’s Windows Each Day

Opening your windows for just 10 minutes a day can help filter out some of that stale air that’s building up inside—even in the winter months. Despite the misconception, the air outside is less polluted than the air inside your home, so even opening your windows briefly during the day can lead to improved indoor air quality.

Clean More Regularly

We know cleaning can be a chore, but a more regular schedule that includes vacuuming and dusting can play a major role in improving indoor air quality. Try using a damp cloth to dust so that you can capture it rather than move it around. These simple cleaning tasks will limit the excess dust and dirt that’s floating through your home air each day.

Upgrade Your Indoor Air Quality Today

It’s never too late to work toward improving indoor air quality. Trust the Bryant® experts at ComfortAire to recommend the best air cleaning system(s) based on your personal needs. You’ll be enjoying cleaner, fresher air in no time. Call us today at 715-325-3969 in Wisconsin Rapids or 715-342-0911 in Stevens Point.