Tech in red shirt performs furnace inspection in customer's home.

Should You Really Schedule a Furnace Inspection Every Year?

Whether it’s your car, an appliance, or a home comfort system like your furnace, regular maintenance plays a major role in how well and long it works. Scheduling a yearly service appointment can help ensure there aren’t any issues below the surface. ComfortAire Heating Cooling Fireplaces explains why you should schedule furnace inspection every year—and the main benefits—below. Call our Bryant® experts when you’re ready to schedule: 715-325-3969.

Why You Need an Annual Furnace Inspection and Maintenance

Minimizes Unexpected Breakdowns

The biggest benefit of regular furnace inspection is that it greatly minimizes the chance of an unexpected breakdown. The ComfortAire team will examine and clean each working part of your unit, including some that others may overlook. We can find small issues and solve them before they get worse to ensure your furnace is functioning efficiently and safely.

Improves Home Air Flow

You’ll enjoy free-flowing warm air in every room of your home with regular furnace maintenance. As part of the service, our team also checks your home air filter and replaces it if it’s clogged or dirty.

Increases Quality of Indoor Air

Besides increasing safety, an annual furnace inspection is crucial for your family’s health. That’s because we check your furnace to see that it’s free of mold, dust, and mildew that could negatively affect indoor air quality.

Extends the Life of Your Furnace

A well-maintained furnace will last you a long time—often around 15-20 years. Plus, annual furnace maintenance can also help validate your system warranty, should you experience any problems that fall under warranty protection.

The Best Time of Year to Schedule Furnace Inspection

Whether it’s in the middle of the summer or right before the coldest days set in, you can schedule furnace maintenance any time of year you want—as long as it’s done on an annual basis. Many of our customers choose to set it up in fall, right before winter, but you should make your appointment when it works for your schedule.

Don’t Delay—Schedule Your Furnace Inspection Today

If your furnace has been acting up or you simply want to prevent future problems, the ComfortAire team is ready to serve you. In many cases, we can make small repairs on the spot so you can get back to the warm comfort you expect from your home heating system. ComfortAire also offers emergency service for those problems you can’t predict. Call us for furnace maintenance and repair at 715-325-3969 in Wisconsin Rapids or 715-342-0911 in Stevens Point.