Technician performs annual AC maintenance on a cooling unit outdoors.

Here’s Why You Need to Schedule Annual AC Maintenance Today

At ComfortAire Heating Cooling, we talk a lot about annual AC maintenance. And for good reason—this simple service can go a long way toward keeping your system healthy and you feeling good. So how does it work? Our experts share an in-depth look below. Discover why you should schedule air conditioning maintenance today—and call 715-325-3969 to make an appointment.

What Happens During Air Conditioner Maintenance Service?

Annual HVAC service is like getting a checkup. Our experienced team comes to your house and cleans your system inside and out. Then we follow a comprehensive inspection process that includes tuning every single working part inside the unit, from drain hoses to traps.

How Does Annual AC Maintenance Benefit You?

Energy Efficiency

Especially as your air conditioner gets older, it tends to lose efficiency. By keeping up with annual HVAC service, you can ensure your system operates without any hiccups or issues. In fact, depending on your system, routine maintenance can save you anywhere from five to 40 percent in energy costs.

Reduces Chance of a Breakdown

During inspection, our experts look for signs of wear and tear in your system, including strained belts or loose parts. Anything we catch, we fix. This helps prevent system breakdowns before they happen as well as other potential safety issues.

Improves Comfort

The longer you go without annual HVAC maintenance, the less effective your systems become. In addition to using more energy to cool down your Central Wisconsin home, an unmaintained AC simply won’t keep up with your needs as well. However, with a thorough clean and check, your system will have an easier time creating and circulating cool air—making a difference you can actually feel.

Extends the Life of Your AC

Air conditioner cleaning service not only helps you in the short term, but also in the long run. When every working part is operating like it should and your system doesn’t need frequent repairs, it will last longer than one that isn’t regularly serviced.

Is an AC Tuneup Worth It?

Absolutely—especially when you trust a Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer like ComfortAire. We make the process easy and efficient so you can relax in total comfort. It all starts with a phone call: 715-325-3969 in Wisconsin Rapids or 715-342-0911 in Stevens Point (or contact us online for service).