Technician walks female homeowner through her fall HVAC checklist.

Fall HVAC Checklist for Wisconsin: 5 DIY Tasks

It might still be short-sleeve weather (for now) in Wisconsin, but fall is well on its way. To get you set up for energy efficiency and hassle-free comfort all season long, the experts at ComfortAire Heating Cooling are sharing their fall HVAC checklist for homeowners. If you have questions—or are ready for the last tip on our list—contact us today.

Light Landscaping and Cleaning

It’s common for grass, shrubbery, and other lawn waste to build up around your A/C and impede airflow or affect components. Stay proactive this fall by keeping your unit clear of debris and vacuuming or wiping down surfaces. Also consider lightly spraying your outside unit’s fins with a garden hose.

Take a Look at Your Air Filter

Clogged air filters are one of the biggest culprits of HVAC issues. When particles accumulate in the filter, it restricts airflow, making your furnace work that much harder to maintain heat. It can also cause unhealthy air to recirculate—and even break down your system. We recommend replacing your filter every three months.

Check for Leaks

Leaky windows or ductwork can make your energy bills rise and cause hot and cold spots throughout your home. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that typical homes lose up to 30 percent of air through leaky ducts or poorly sealed connections.

You should be able to feel larger duct leaks with your hand, but you can also hold up a piece of toilet paper near the seals to check for leaks as well. Use mastic sealant or metal tape (not duct tape) to seal up those leaks and caulk to fill the gaps in any windows. You can also contact us for thorough and professional duct cleanings.

Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan Blades

This is the easiest DIY task to cross off your fall HVAC checklist. First, stop your fan completely, then give those blades a good clean to reduce the spread of dust and allergen buildup. Finally, set your fan to turn clockwise so the air blows toward the ceiling. This small adjustment helps circulate the air and is one of the easiest ways to help make your home feel warmer for the winter months ahead.

Get That Annual Furnace Clean and Check Scheduled

clean and check from ComfortAire is just a once-a-year appointment, and it’s crucial for so many reasons, including:

  • Proper airflow
  • Energy efficiency
  • System longevity
  • Warranty protection

To schedule a fall clean and check for your Bryant® system, call 715-325-3969 for service in Wisconsin Rapids or 715-342-0911 in Stevens Point. We’ll find a time that works best for you, bring all the necessary equipment, and have your furnace tuned up quickly and efficiently.