Family smiles and plays in living room thanks to increased air conditioner efficiency.

7 Ways to Increase Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

Finding ways to increase your air conditioner efficiency can help you stay cool and comfortable all summer and reward you with more reasonable energy bills. Whether your A/C is new or you’ve had it for a few years, there are ways to ensure it’s running as well as it should. The Bryant® experts at ComfortAire Heating Cooling Fireplaces share some tips to increase your air conditioner efficiency below. If your system doesn’t seem to be working well or your energy bills continue to rise, call us today at 715-325-3969.

Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips

1. Clean in and around indoor vents and registers

Dust and debris can accumulate inside your home’s vents and registers. Vacuuming out these areas and making sure they aren’t obstructed by any furniture can help ensure your A/C isn’t working harder than it needs to be.

2. Don’t use appliances during the day

Avoid using heat-generating appliances like ovens and stoves as much as possible during the day. While it might seem insignificant, overuse can increase your home temperature, forcing your A/C to work overtime. Also, avoid placing appliances near your thermostat if you can—it could trick your device into thinking that your home is warmer than it really is.

3. Close your blinds and shades

When the sun is at its peak during the day, close your shades and blinds to keep the heat out. This will allow you to set your A/C temp a few degrees higher, leading to lower energy bills.

4. Switch to LED light bulbs

Install LED lightbulbs throughout your home instead of incandescent ones, which give off more heat.

5. Seal your doors and windows

It might sound obvious, but make sure your windows and doors are closed tightly before turning your air on to increase air conditioner efficiency.

6. Schedule A/C maintenance

Have you scheduled your air conditioner maintenance this year? If not, you should do so right away. Regular maintenance plays a huge part in your unit’s overall efficiency. From cleaning the inside to tuning all working parts, ComfortAire can get your system running as efficiently as possible.

7. Upgrade your A/C

If your system is 15-20 years old, a complete A/C upgrade might be the best choice. Today’s models are more energy efficient than those from the past, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference a replacement will make to your comfort and cost savings.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner Efficiency With ComfortAire

The minor changes listed above can go a long way to increasing your air conditioner efficiency and home comfort. But sometimes there are greater issues that only professionals can manage. That’s when it’s time to call ComfortAire. We can help you solve any home comfort problem, whether it’s a small repair or a completely new installation. Contact us today at 715-325-3969 in Wisconsin Rapids or 715-342-0911 in Stevens Point.