HVAC technician repairing a furnace

6 Reasons to Schedule Your Annual Furnace Clean & Check

There isn’t just one reason why we remind our customers to schedule their annual furnace Clean & Check—there are many that explain why this once-a-year appointment makes all the difference for your heating system. Our ComfortAire Heating Cooling techs compiled our top reasons for cleanings this season in hopes that you’ll schedule your appointment early (before the cold really hits).

#1: Keep Airflow Moving

Without airflow, you’d never feel warm and cozy at home. But our techs guarantee air is moving correctly during your tuneup. We clear out built-up gunk, test that all major parts are working, and replace air filters as needed to ensure air is passing throughout without a problem.

#2: Ensure Your System Is Safe

Furnace safety is incredibly important, especially because your system can emit dangerous carbon monoxide if it malfunctions. We’ll check for any leaks, tweak any loose parts, and suggest any part repairs that are required to keep your system running safely all winter.

#3: Reduce the Need for Repair

The repairs we make most often could be prevented with routine maintenance. Typically, small problems create large issues in no time without proper care. During your Clean & Check, our experts will locate any problems and fix them before they worsen or cost you a lot in repair.

#4: Improve Your System’s Energy Efficiency

Clean & Checks include thorough inspections and cleanings. We’ll clear out any blockages, lubricate aging parts, and test and adjust moving parts to guarantee everything’s working as it should. In addition to maintaining safety, it also helps your system run smoothly and efficiently, which saves you money on heating bills.

#5: Extend Your System’s Lifespan

Because maintenance keeps your system in its best possible condition, you’ll likely get extra years out of it. The average furnace lifespan is between 15 and 20 years, but some models can safely last 30 or more when they’re properly cared for. Plus, it helps you avoid the cost of a new purchase for as long as possible.

#6: Maintain a Valid Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most heating systems come with a manufacturer warranty that protects the system for at least a few years. However, this warranty is null and void if your system isn’t regularly cleaned and inspected by a pro. If you buy a new system anytime soon, make sure to read the warranty fine print to ensure you’re protected in the case of a malfunction.

Schedule Your Appointment Now Before the Cold Weather Hits

Scheduling your furnace Clean & Check is as easy as calling 715-325-3969 or contacting us online. We’ll pick a day and time that’s convenient for you, and clean your system with the same level of care as we would our own. That’s just the way we’ve done things since we opened in 1999—you can always trust ComfortAire.